Ordo Chronos

Times and Tide

A group of imperial misfits ends up in the Chrono Regulation Comitee, an ancient and inter-departemental bureau with extensive powers dedicated to a single goal, making sure that every chrono in Desoleum shows the correct time. Yes, this is exactely as dull as it sounds like, and the comitee have long been seen as a career graveyard where only the worst misfits and malcontents in the imperial hierarchy end up.

But all is not as it appears, and the Chrono Regulation Comitee is in fact the last remnant of Ordo Chronos, the temporal bulwark of the holy Imperium of mankind, an engimatic order of the holy Inquisition and dedicated to defending humanity against temporal threats and foes who threaten the timeline and mans dominance of the galaxy.

As the Acolytes settle into their new duties, still ignorant of their true calling to be the defenders of the Askellon Sector, ancient threats starts waking up from their slumber. Will Ordo Chronos prevail, or will they falther against the mighty enemies of mankind?

Ordo Chronos

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